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Wireless Networks

Network Solutions

The phenomenal success of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled products in recent years demonstrates the huge appetite for connecting headsets, hand frees, PCs and mobile phones wirelessly. With voice over internet protocol crossing the technology divide between computers and phones, and…
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Mobile Operators

We have been approached by many consumers concerned that particular websites are blocked on mobiles using particular networks and that the networks in question have blocked this content under the instruction of the IMCB and the classification framework. The following…
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Mobile Computing

Making use of mobile computing technologies in your business operations can benefit your organization in a number of different ways. The latest developments in mobile computing can offer you and your employees quick and secure applications and information which will…
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Commercial Content Services

Commercial content services: Still pictures Video and audiovisual material Mobile games, including java-based games It is our intention that the Classification Framework will be consistent with standards equivalent for other media such as film, video and computer games. Content accessed…
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