Mobile Operators

We have been approached by many consumers concerned that particular websites are blocked on mobiles using particular networks and that the networks in question have blocked this content under the instruction of the IMCB and the classification framework.

The following statement hopes to clarify the situation for consumers and to offer them advice if they continue to have concerns about the blocking of particular websites on their mobile phone.

‘The IMCB provides a Classification Framework for mobile operators. It is the responsibility of content providers to use the IMCB’s Classification Framework to self-classify their own content as “18” where appropriate. Where the content is classified as “18” under the Classification Framework its access will be restricted by the mobile operators until customers have verified their age as 18 or over with their operator. The IMCB does not itself classify or block mobile content. The IMCB will investigate complaints from both consumers and content providers about the classification of commercial content but in the first instance complaints should be made to the relevant mobile operator.

Content that falls outside of the IMCB’s remit and Classification Framework includes content accessed via the Internet or WAP (where the mobile operator is providing only connectivity). This means that if you were attempting to download a website to your mobile and this content was blocked, this is outside of the IMCB Classification Framework – put very simply, the IMCB Classification Framework applies only to commercial content that is provided specifically for mobiles.’

If connectivity to a website is blocked on a mobile phone, consumers should contact their mobile operator and discuss with them further.

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