Solutions for your broken iPhone

It is easy to break your smartphone as they are so portable. We take them with us everywhere we go, so of course they are susceptible to being damaged. Buttons can soon become jammed, chipped and even worn enough where they don’t work anymore. Find out how to protect your phone against fraud.

However, despite these problems, it doesn’t cause for a new phone. It simply calls for a repair. Having your phone repaired can save you money rather than buying a brand new phone.

Phone repairs in the big city

Being in London there are locations and places for everything. But, how about a while you wait mobile repair service? The busy hustle of the city makes it inevitable for things to go wrong with our mobile devices, such as a smashed screen. Call a specalist today on 020 3206 1627.

You may feel that you have no time to wait for your phone to be fixed, but with many repairs based in the heart of London in Liverpool Street, they can fix your device in approximately 20-30 minutes. This means you don’t have to stress about being without your phone for a long period of time. Repair services typically fix a number of devices including iPhone smartphones. So, if you have a smashed screen on your iPhone 6 click here.

Taking precautions can help to reduce damage

No matter how many precautions you take to help prevent any damage, there will always be something that cannot be protected. When this happens, it is time to take your device to a repair shop and help to fix it.

To help reduce the severity of the damage, we have generated tips to help you.

A screen protector is the first accessory that people think of when purchasing a phone. You can buy a bundle of screen protectors for under £20 and they will hold up well in the majority of conditions.

As many screen protectors are only scratch resistant and not proof, small particles of sharp things can scratch the protector, however it means your screen is completely clear. Search for yours.

They add an extra layer of protection that can absorb most of the damage. Most of them are easy to scratch, however as they’re so cheap, it is as if it doesn’t matter. Contact us.

Another thing you could invest in to save your phone from any further damage is a stylish, sturdy phone case.

If you aren’t a fan of what phone cases are on offer at the moment, you could always design your own at Wrappz. Phone cases are available for the latest iPhone, Samsung and Google devices. View this page for photo iPhone cases.

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